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Special Feature: CITIC Trust

“Credibility is something indispensable to the trust industry. Trust is an institutional arrangement, or rather a relationship between people, more than merely a financial instrument. Widespread use of trust in the financial sector bodes well for its transcendence.”

PU Jian, Vice President of CITIC Limited, former Chairman of CITIC Trust, and a leading figure in China’s trust industry

  • Registered capital:


    RMB billion
  • Total AUM:


    RMB trillion
  • Total assets:


    RMB billion
  • Net profit:


    RMB billion

CITIC Trust is a pioneering non-banking financial institution and, for the last ten years, the largest trust company in China by total assets under management (AUM). Founded in 1988 as the first trust company in China, CITIC Trust leads the industry today, distinguished by its unparalleled AUM, superior client network, innovative product range, professional team and rigorous risk management. ROE has been consistently maintained at a high level among CITIC Limited’s subsidiaries.

Guided by its mission to create shared value and balance risk and return, CITIC Trust acts as a provider of integrated financial products and services, including financing, asset management and trust. It has the industry’s largest portfolio of trust products, giving clients the opportunity to participate in China’s growth story through a wide range of financial instruments. CITIC Trust has developed innovative trust solutions in diverse sectors, including infrastructure, real estate, consumer markets, manufacturing, agribusiness, healthcare, the internet and the financial market.

In the trust industry, the company stands apart for its long track record of consistent stability and unparalleled access to major investment opportunities. Through its comprehensive investment and asset management service, CITIC Trust has distributed nearly RMB200 billion of accumulated profits attributable to beneficiaries for five consecutive years.

Corporate Structure

  • Unparalleled AUM

    Total AUM amounts to more than RMB1.7 trillion, ranking first in the industry for 10 consecutive years.
  • Superior client network

    Over 140,000 trust accounts in total, with average AUM per account of RMB116 million and RMB3 million for institutional and individual customers, respectively .
  • Innovative product range

    Full licenses for all financial businesses in China with a broad scope of investments across currency, equity, bond, and credit markets.
  • Professional team

    A team of nearly 600 professionals from diverse fields, including finance, accounting, law, and industry, producing RMB5.82 million profits per employee in 2016.
  • Rigorous risk management

    Guided by the customer’s risk appetite and a comprehensive risk management system, with rigorous project review and robust capital to balance the business growth and quality.