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Environmental, Social, Corporate Governance Report

Overview – the Company in 2016

As a good corporate citizen, CITIC Limited incorporates sustainability into its development strategies and day-to-day management for the benefit of our shareholders, customers, business partners, employees, the environment and community. In 2016, we continued to provide employment opportunities and established our human resources strategy based on “bolstering the company through the appointment of high-calibre personnel” (the “Talent Strategy”). This strategy is being carried out by fostering five talent teams. We also continued to deliver high quality products and services to customers, underpinned by constant improvements in our service regime to ensure complete customer satisfaction. In addition, we formed three CITIC Coordination Circles so that we can work more closely with our partners and create a responsible supply chain. These Coordination Circles fully utilise our strengths and help to achieve mutual benefit with our partners. In accordance with the Government’s principle of green development, we have undertaken water treatment, solid waste disposal, energy conservation and discharge reduction projects in China and Singapore through our subsidiary CITIC Environment. We also provided programmes tailored to the needs of the community and encouraged employees to participate in voluntary services through the respective volunteer organisations of our subsidiaries. During the year, CITIC Construction’s Young Volunteers Association of Africa won the gold prize in the grand finale of the 3rd China Young Voluntary Service Contest.

1. The 5 major concepts in development refers to the concepts of “innovation, coordination, greenness, openness and sharing” proposed by the Chinese Government in October 2015.
2. PPP is short for Public and Private Partnership.